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Young Harvey 2006 & grown Harvey 2008


Harvey loves nothing more than grabbing any opportunity to sneak into the loft.
 Here's a funny video clip of him falling down the ladders!

Jasper & Zebedee - our first Burmese cats

Zeb May 03.JPG (95232 bytes)

J & Z.JPG (21579 bytes)

zebfacecropped.jpg (30433 bytes)


Jasper & Zebedee



Our other pets from the past - never forgotten.

    Doug 2.JPG (232709 bytes)         
 Dougal - Abysinnian


Lucy close-up 2.JPG (192091 bytes)

Lucy & Doug.JPG (113865 bytes)

 Lucy puppy

Lucy aged 14

Lucy & Dougal


Kitten Quincy - funny video of his objection to wearing his new collar!

Mannie  .. once the household thug

MannieSleepingPiano.jpg (12090 bytes)  
wpe2B.jpg (11130 bytes)     ManniePianoJune.jpg (12679 bytes)

Ju's new kitten.jpg (39066 bytes)

Who would have dreamed that  this sweetheart  would've turned into a thug?

Mannie's mad half hour.JPG (75951 bytes)

Here he is receiving a taste of his own medicine - terrified by the sight of Lucy!

MannieToldOffByZeb.jpg (46190 bytes) Zeb fighting back.JPG (123179 bytes)



Mannie put in his place by  Uncle Zeb, who has had more than enough!

 Marlowe  .. October 2005

Sadly lost to Coronavirus 2005


With thanks to my clever online buddy, Anna, for this creation. 


Other Pets

wpe22.jpg (26814 bytes)

Two of our local characters

Photo taken as they were passing our house.  By the way, the head belongs to a
Flemish Giant rabbit ... not to the man!

Pet Links

Missing Pets - Manchester Contacts - a list of contacts I have compiled.


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